SWF Content within PowerPoint

Explore options to insert Flash SWF content in PowerPoint slides.

In this article, we'll look at several small applications that output SWF content suitable for inclusion within PowerPoint. Thereafter, we'll take a look at the actual procedure of inserting SWF content within PowerPoint. Also, throughout the article, the word Flash or SWF represent the open Flash format, rather than Macromedia's Flash authoring program.

The emergence of Macromedia's Flash SWF format has caused ripples of implications in varied areas of computing—ironically, even in presentations where PowerPoint still rules. Flash has evolved more widely and quickly than PowerPoint, probably because it is an open format. Indeed, it is possible to include Flash content within PowerPoint these days. There are a multitude of applications that output to the Flash SWF format. These include applications that output movies, animations, diagrams and charts in the SWF format.

rChart from rObjects

Charts are an important aspect of presentations intended for the boardroom or elsewhere. rChart creates detailed charts that can be animated in sequence. The program allows manipulation of every single aspect of such charts in a range of effects that no other program can match. The SWF output is excellent - and integrates well within any new or existing PowerPoint presentation. rObjects provides a demo to download from their site. The demo is fully functional, although it watermarks all output.

Wildform Flix

Wildform's Flix is another breed of program altogether. Its greatest virtue is that it can convert most standard video formats into Flash SWF without any loss in quality and considerable savings in file size. Since PowerPoint does not accept QuickTime movies of any QuickTime version higher than 2.x, Flix provides an excellent route to using your existing QuickTime content within PowerPoint.

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Inserting Flash Content within PowerPoint

Now that we have explored ways of creating Flash SWF content, let us look at procedures to insert such content within PowerPoint. You need to be aware at the onset that PowerPoint offers no direct route to inserting Flash SWF content. There are both manual and quick ways to get over this lack of direct SWF support within PowerPoint.

If you would like to get into the nitty-gritty and accomplish the task manually, take a look at the details in the articles found at these two links:


On the other hand, you can find both free and commercial solutions. rObjects, the creators of rChart offer a one-click menu option that can insert any Flash SWF content within PowerPoint 2000 or 2002. Even an unregistered version of the program can perform this feature.

Adobe used to offer a similar free add-in for PowerPoint from their page for LiveMotion; however, it is not available, currently.

This article originally appeared in Dian Chapman's TechTrax ezine.

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